What is it?

Dumpster Dress is a revolutionary dumpster that replaces your proposed corral saving you thousands of dollars. Unlike other companies, our dumpsters have two (2) parts to them. We have a metal dumpster like you are used to seeing, but we surround it with a mounted plastic exterior shell, making it look amazing!


How is it made?

Dumpster Dress consists of ten (10) exterior shell pieces made of HDPE-UV plastic, mounted to one (1) metal dumpster. Once we assemble the Dumpster Dress it is all interconnected as one piece that trash haulers can quickly and easily pick up.


How do I throw away my trash?

There is one sliding door on the left and right side of the dumpster that you use to throw away your trash. The front of the Dumpster Dress does not open; the hardware is for aesthetics only.


Who picks up my trash?

We have partnered with several waste service companies in each market to pick up all Dumpster Dress trash. We use our buying power of over 1,000 units to attain superior pricing.


How much does each Dumpster Dress cost?


Clean Up Your Act!

Dumpster Dress makes your property look aesthetically pleasing, your pick up services safer and more efficient, and your entire community a better place.