Our Story


Our Story

Paul Nichols didn’t start running (ok, jogging) until he was 30 years old. He had just been laid off from his job at Fleet Bank and his wife had recently given birth to their one-year-old triplets. With no money and no job, Paul rolled the dice and decided to start a commercial real estate financing company. Although the first couple of years were lean, persistence eventually paid off. Paragon Prime Funding and its affiliated company, Paragon Residential Management, have since become one of the largest commercial real estate financing consultants and multifamily property managers in the capital region of New York State. But what does this have to do with dumpsters?

Back to those early morning jogs. It was a warm summer day in 2014 when Paul completed his typical morning loop. As he passed by a local bakery, he noticed the dumpster area looked terrible; trash all over the place, gates falling off, side panels broken apart. It was a scene not unlike many of the apartment communities Paul’s real estate company saw each day. As the mornings went by Paul continued to write down some ideas as to how he could make a dumpster that was more aesthetically pleasing. One that looked clean, was easy to use, and saved real estate owners and developers money by not having to purchase expensive corrals. In short, Paul sought a way to dress a dumpster so that it simply looked better and functioned better. Hence, Dumpster Dress was born.

The first designs were rough. There was nothing else like it so the concept truly had to be one-of-a-kind. Eventually, Paul settled on a design that would take on the image of a traditional dumpster corral but it would attach to a custom-made metal container so that it looked like an interconnected all in one container. It had to be aesthetically pleasing and clean so that tenants and property owners of retail, office, and multifamily communities would welcome it. It had to be functional so that drivers would not have to get out of their trucks when emptying trash. And most importantly it had to be costs effective so that developers could stop spending money on expensive corrals (did we mention there are no upfront costs with Dumpster Dress). Over the next year, a select group of engineers worked on the designs of the dumpster. A series of prototypes were developed and the functionality and appearance of each container was perfected. After years of hard work and ingenuity, Dumpster Dress was awarded two patents for the design and utility of the product.

Dumpster Dress has appeared at the National Waste Expo in Las Vegas, NV where it drew rave reviews from trash providers across the country. The company has since welcomed its’ first employee(s) (shout out to Dan) and has recently affiliated with multiple hauling companies to provide waste hauling services with each Dumpster Dress. Our company serves the entire northeast and continues to expand each day.

Clean Up Your Act!

Dumpster Dress makes your property look aesthetically pleasing, your pick up services safer and more efficient, and your entire community a better place.