Dumpster Dress is the first and only manufacturer of upscale dumpsters in the United States. Our front-load Dumpster Dress containers are utility and design patented and come in 2, 4, 6, or 8 yards. We engineered our product with the end-user in mind and with the best materials made to last! Our standard Dumpster Dress is fabricated with 12 gauge walls and 10 gauge floors and comes in an infinite number of color combinations to match your building specifications.

All containers are fully prepped using a dual action air sander for improved paint adhesion and corrosion reduction. Our custom paint process features a high performance, low VOC, PPG urethane paint for improved aesthetics and protection while also giving our containers their trademark designs. Dumpster Dress containers meet ANSI safety specifications and dimensional standards for haulers.


Planning a new project? Our Dumpster Dress containers are specifically designed for owners, engineers, architects, and general contractors looking for an alternative to the breakable and expensive dumpster enclosure. We have spoken to many different municipalities and our Dumpster Dress containers often receive site plan approval similar to the traditional dumpster enclosure process. If your planning board has any questions we are always happy to speak with them.

Download the specs below to add us to your site plan! Not sure which size container to use? Talk with one of our recycling and trash distributors in your area to find out about your projects trash and recycling needs.


Already have a dumpster / enclosure? Dumpster Dress is great for owners / managers of existing apartment communities, office buildings, restaurants, or retail businesses looking to improve the appearance of their property and trash area. Call one of our hauling and trash distributors in your area so we can beautify your property today!

Is your recycling and trash hauling company not on our distribution list? No problem, we have options for you too! Click the button below or give us a call to learn more!

Clean Up Your Act!

Dumpster Dress makes your trash area's look nicer, your pick up services more efficient, and your community a cleaner and safer place to live and work.