About Us

Dumpster Dress is a reliable, less expensive hauling provider that exclusively uses a clean, aesthetically pleasing, and innovative dumpster.

The design and aesthetics of Dumpster Dress enable developers and owners of commercial buildings and apartments to eliminate the need to build a large, expensive dumpster corral. These corrals costs thousands of dollars and typically take up valuable land area.  Dumpster Dress is free and takes up much less space!

At Dumpster Dress, we have leveraged our buying power to expand into the commercial trash hauling business.  In doing so, Dumpster Dress can now provide trash hauling services at discounted rates.

Tired of ugly and messy dumpsters? Sick of poor service and paying too much for your commercial trash hauling? Dumpster Dress is here to help.

Clean Up Your Act!

Dumpster Dress makes your trash area's look nicer, your pick up services more efficient, and your community a cleaner and safer place to live and work.